Goldman Sachs founders,
Real estate investing, No BS

Real estate investing, Goldman Sachs founders, No BS

What if you used real estate as your savings account?


Average Internal Rate of Return (IRR)


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Figures as of 3/11/2024

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Recently Offered Properties: Projected Returns

The Logan_invest in California Short Term rentals mogul club

Year 1 Target Return


Target Return on $1k investment

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Houston Short Term Rental The Roman mogul Club

Year 1 Target Return


Target Return on $1k investment

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The Kendall Dallas Texas Short Term Rental Investment property mogul club

Year 1 Target Return


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Real estate consistently outperforms in all environments

Residential real estate has demonstrated strong returns across all macro-economic environments.

Real Estate (Single Family Rentals) vs. Other Asset Classes Average Annual Return

1993 - 2023

Reflects total returns of asset classes leveraging the Case-Shiller Home Index provided by the Federal Reserve, S&P 500 index, a composite of all Equity REITs tracked by the FTSE Nareit US Real Estate Index, the World Bank Gold Index, and Bank of America US Corporate Bond Index.

Strong historical returns

See how Single Family Rentals compare to the S&P from 2000 - 2023

Single Family Rental vs. S&P 500

1993 - 2023 - Base 100 in January 2000

Single Family Rental

S&P 500

The Single Family Rental index comprises data from the Case-Shiller Home Index provided by the Federal Reserve to calculate appreciation and data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis' average 30-year mortgage for levered cash flows. The S&P 500 reflects total return of the index with dividends reinvested over the same period.

How it works

mogul is the first platform made by real estate investors, for real estate investors that offers pure investment into single family rental properties. Build a diversified portfolio of institutionally vetted properties curated by our research team.

We identify top markets

We determine which markets have the largest tailwinds
Purchase single family rental property mogul club

We purchase the property

We approach property selection the way we were taught at Goldman Sachs. Of the 1,000's reviewed <1% are purchased
Purchase single family rental property mogul club

We fractionalize the property

We purchase the property with an LLC and form an investment club allowing anyone to invest
Purchase single family rental property mogul club

Earn, benefit, liquidate

Owners of the shares receive monthly rental income, appreciation, and tax benefits until the property is sold

Our Investors & Advisors

Our investors were also early backers of companies like Robinhood, SpaceX, Tesla, and Skype. Here's what some of them have to say about mogul.
Tim Draper Draper Associates mogul club
Blizzard fund Ava Labs mogul club
Draper Dragon mogul club
Ava Labs portfolio company mogul club
Draper B1 portfolio company real estate
Intervest portfolio company real estate mogul club
Tim Draper Draper Associates mogul fractional real estate investing
Tim Draper
Managing Partner, Draper Associates
"We fully believe in how mogul's founding team is reshaping the real estate investment space and providing long-term wealth generation for its users."
Rosa Rios 43rd Treasurer of the United States mogul club
Rosa Rios
43rd Treasurer of the United States
"Real estate, crowdfunding: When you combine them with the pedigree of Alex and Joey, I can't imagine a better team to design and execute the mogul strategy."
Chris Larsen Ripple Founder mogul club
Chris Larsen
Co-Founder, Executive Chairman, Ripple
"Blockchain can change real estate as an asset class, make it more accessible and tear down the barriers-to-enter. mogul is at the forefront of that change."
Enrique Penichet Draper B1 mogul club
Enrique Penichet
Founding Partner, Draper B1
"For us, mogul is an opportunity that, thanks to our partners, reinforces globalized investments in a trending market."
Kavan Draper Dragon mogul club
Kavan Canekeratne
Investor, Draper Dragon
"Alex and Joey exude an infectious passion for real estate. We are thrilled to support mogul's efforts in broadening access to real estate."
Hogun Lee Intervest mogul club
Hogun Lee
Investor, Intervest
"mogul's business is a prime example of seamless blockchain integration in traditional asset classes like real estate."
Intervest mogul club
Claire Yun
Investor, Intervest
"With mogul leading the way in real estate tokenization, we anticipate immense potential for growth and disruption, and are thrilled to be a part of this pioneering journey."
Doctor Cyrus Loghmanee mogul club
Dr. Cyrus Loghmanee
Investor, Founder
"mogul is exactly how it sounds - important, powerful, and omnipotent. If you love buying and selling real estate, Joey and Alex just made your life easier by creating mogul."

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