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mogul club secures $3.6M in seed funding to scale its real estate investment platform, attracting investments from notable backers such as Tim Draper, and other industry leaders. Their innovative approach blends traditional wealth strategies with modern technology, offering a hassle-free alternative for new and expert real estate investors, aiming to democratize access to premium investment opportunities.
Written by
Alex Blackwood
Published on
November 7, 2023

Press Release

Bringing old wealth strategy to new money investors, the platform’s oversubscribed seed round comes just months following the platform’s beta launch with investments from early backers of Robinhood, SpaceX, Tesla, Skype and industry magnates

Washington D.C., November 8, 2023 —Today, mogul club, the new, cutting-edge real-estate investment platform revolutionizing access to premium investment opportunities, announced the successful completion of a $3.6M seed funding round, propelling the company’s overall funding to $4.2M. mogul club’s oversubscribed seed round, which upsized four times due to overwhelming investor interest, was led by Anitha Vadavatha (AY Ventures), with investments from Tim Draper & Associates, Draper B1, InterVest, Draper Dragon, Blizzard the Avalanche Ecosystem fund, in addition to several notable angel investors, including Rosie Rios, the 43rd Treasurer of the United States and notable executives from Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Carlyle, among others. The participants of this current funding round — many of the same early investors in companies such as Robinhood, SpaceX, Tesla, Skype and other prolific industry leaders — are a testament to mogul club’s innovative approach to real estate investing with institutional levels of mastery and diligence. mogul club’s mission is to create a new paradigm of real estate investing, blending the enduring values of old money investing with the boldness, mentality and technology of today’s generation.

From inside the walls of finance’s most prestigious club, mogul club’s founders looked for ways to invest their personal capital into high quality real estate. When they found no solution that offered the caliber of deals they were trained to expect, they built it themselves. mogul club’s unique investment club structure is built on a foundation of radical transparency and institutional quality vetting. Since the platform’s beta launch in just April of 2023, mogul boasts a 20-26% projected Internal Rate of Return (IRR or Annualized Return) across real-estate properties offered — in comparison, the S&P 500 historically has only yielded an average return of 9%. mogul club stands at the forefront in the evolving real estate market, offering investors opportunities for financial growth through property ownership, underscoring the stability and lower volatility of real estate returns.

“We extended our initial pre-seed investment to mogul club’s latest funding round, something we only do with intense thoughtfulness because we fully believe in how mogul club’s founding team is reshaping the real estate investment space and providing long-term wealth generation for its users,” said Tim Draper, Founder and Managing Partner of Draper Associates an early investor in Tesla, Box, Twitch and others. “Creating stronger, more efficient investment opportunities through thoughtful technological solutions that address common investor pain points, mogul club is setting a new standard for the industry.”

For centuries, real estate has been the most prominent tool for wealth generation. Because of bidding wars, interest rate hikes and seismic shifts in home-buying demand, most people have been forced to the sidelines, wondering when or if they can ever tap into the asset class. Unlike the limitations of traditional real estate investing — which often requires substantial upfront capital and ongoing property management — mogul club bridges old wealth traditions with new money appeal to offer a modern, hassle-free alternative for new or expert real estate investors. The platform allows users to participate alongside fellow investment club members and vote on key decisions for the properties they’ve invested in. All mogul club investment club members receive the same pro rata benefits of property ownership, such as appreciation, cash flow and tax allowances. The platform’s infrastructure eliminates unnecessary complexities and fees for its users. By leveraging the Avalanche blockchain technology on the backend, mogul club can deliver efficiencies and long term benefits to its users without the need for them to have any blockchain knowledge or experience.  

“Starting with a modest pre-seed round, we grew mogul club’s platform and user base on a differentiated value proposition and word of mouth," said Alex Blackwood, Co-Founder and CEO of mogul club. “Closing out a 4x oversubscribed seed round through one of the most difficult fundraising environments in recent times is a testament to not only the demand for our product but the incredible leadership team we’ve been able to put in place. We plan to use this funding to help fuel our growth and add more properties to the platform – all of which undergo a rigorous vetting process thanks to the relentless spirit instilled in our leadership team from previous institutional experiences.”

mogul club’s leadership team brings decades of experience, unrivaled expertise and a proven track record of success. The team is composed of senior alums from top tech, finance and real estate institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Google, Capital One and Lockheed Martin. In addition to its market-leading executive team, mogul club’s investors and advisors not only offer a prolific network of support but are validation of mogul club’s ability to drive an outstanding experience for users. This dedication to excellence has solidified mogul club’s reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in the real estate investment landscape.

mogul club intends to use this round of seed funding to develop new platform features while providing over $10M of value in single-family rental investment (SFR) properties by the end of 2023. Through its proprietary operating model, its team will scale out into additional investment product offerings encompassing previously inaccessible asset classes for all investors.

To see images and additional assets, please view the mogul club Media Kit here.

About is creating a new paradigm of real estate investing, blending the enduring values of old money investing with the boldness, mentality and technology of today’s generation. Founded in 2022 by former Goldman Sachs Real Estate Investment Group members Alex Blackwood (mogul club Co-Founder and CEO) and Joey Gumataotao (mogul club Co-Founder and President/COO), mogul club spawned from inside the walls of finance’s most prestigious club. The mogul club real estate investing platform is built on a foundation of radical transparency, institutional quality vetting and a unique investment club structure. The platform’s underlying infrastructure drastically lowers the barriers to entry for real estate investing and provides all investors with a cost-cutting, equity-unlocking solution. mogul club solidifies the legacies of next-gen investors by crafting a platform, culture and community around investing in assets that endure. mogul club is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

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