Overview of the Property Onboarding Process

In streamlining the property onboarding process, this step-by-step guide elucidates the seamless journey for property owners seeking to list their properties on Mogul's platform, encompassing initial submission, thorough review, introductory calls, offer issuance, LLC formation, blockchain tokenization, traditional diligence, repairs, listing, and subsequent engagement with Mogul's diverse range of benefits including daily dividends, low time commitments, user-friendly tax portal, real-time value tracking, instant liquidity, and headache-free management, while also offering priority access to future products and services as the platform continues to evolve, underscoring Mogul's commitment to revolutionizing the real estate landscape through innovation and accessibility.
Written by
Joey Gumataotao
Published on
May 3, 2023

To make the process of onboarding a property as seamless as possible, we wanted to provide a more comprehensive step-by-step guide for property owners. The following list of steps helps to answer any burning questions you may have about the process, and we are happy to answer any further questions if you reach out in comments below or through our social media channels.

Overview of Property Onboarding

  1. Property Owner submits their property / properties to mogul for approval
    • We have a google form that takes ~5 minutes to fill out
    • Relevant information taken includes address, city, state, zip, etc.
  2. Once submitted, mogul performs an initial review of the property, market, location, condition, local comparables, rental history and more
  3. If the property is approved through initial review (<30 days to complete initial review),mogul invites the Property Owner to an introductory phone callsome text
    • On the call, we will:some text
      1. Walk you through the onboarding process
      2. Confirm the information provided
      3. Ask for any additional documentation
      4. Confirm the amount of the property between 10-100% you would like to sell
    • Property Owners can retain ownership in the Property, even as the Property is onboarded
  4. mogul takes into consideration the information from the call and responds promptly (<2 days) with an offer, on behalf of a newly formed LLC
  5. Once approved and signed, mogul splits the ownership of the LLC into $1 tokens on blockchain
  6. Before listing the property, we perform traditional diligence of the house, running a formal inspection among other things
  7. We decide on any repairs that need to be performed on the house prior to closing and who is responsible for the costs
  8. From there, we list the tokens the Property Owner wishes to sell on the mogul marketplace

As the property tokens sell and the property is fully onboarded, the Property Owner will be able to take part in all the benefits of using mogul including:

  • Daily dividends
  • Low time commitments
  • Easy to use tax portal
  • User dashboard
  • Real time value tracking
  • Instant liquidity
  • Headache free management

As the platform continues to evolve and new products are introduced, Property Owners who onboarded their properties with us will receive priority in future products and services. We look forward to changing the landscape of real estate one property at a time.

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